Play School Furniture in India

Image of mka-01s bean shaped table for play school. The size is 54 x 30 x 20. To know the play school furniture price list in India, please contact us at 9930960380

Play school furniture range includes bean shaped table, apple table, rectangle table, square table, various chairs, benches, storage units, daycare beds cots, wooden tables for play schools, wooden chairs for play school, puppet theatres etc. Please view below image of all furniture for play schools from MyKidsArena

Image of play school furniture mka-02 rectangle table. The size of the kids school table is 48 x 24 x 20 inches

Image of play school furniture online in India of Round table. The size is 43 inches in diameter

To get the detailed play school furniture price list, please submit your contact details and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Image of square table of 24 inches. To know the play school plastic furniture pricelist from manufacturer please contact us now at MyKidsArena

mka-06 Apple Table. The table top is Plastic with metallic legs and metal framework

image of mka-10 plastic chairs for play school. The seat height is 11 inches

plastic chairs for play school mka-10 can be stacked together as shown in the above image

mka-09 plastic chair with side support for preschool furniture. To know the prices please contact MyKidsArena now

mka-09 is a play school plastic furniture chair with side support as shown in the above image

mka-11 play school plastic chair

mka-11 is play school plastic chair with seat height 13 inches.


Plastic play school benches for 2 kids. mka-12 Connected desk bench

Play school benches for 2 children – Connected desk-bench mka-12 is sold by MykidsArena

mka-13 Tree design plastic benches for preschools in India

benches for play school mka-13 tree double seater is also available with us at MyKidsArena

mka-14 Amazing desk and bench for 2 kids

Plastic shelf or storage unit for preschools Image

mka-24 Image of wooden wall hanger

mka-29 Colorful plastic book stand

mka-29 is play school plastic furniture colorful book stand

wooden furniture - mka-31 art cabinet

day care beds or day care cots images. to know the prices please contact us now

day care beds and day care cots – mka-41 is the most popular play school furniture for daycare centres

mka-42 MyKidsArena plastic easel board

mka-43 table top wooden easel board

mka-44 Three way adjustable wooden easel board for kids in play schools

wooden table top puppet theatre

MyKidsarena wooden furniture for play schools includes mka-45 table top puppet theatre at great price

mka-46 wooden floor puppet theatremka-47 puppet tree

Please contact us to get all information regarding play school furniture with price

wooden bottle hangers for preschools

wooden furniture for play schools. Wooden tables

play school wooden tables are available with us in different shapes : rectangle, square, round, semi-circle and trapezium. To buy or know play school furniture price list, please contact us

play school wooden furniture. Wooden chairs

play school wooden chairs are available in India in different designs like apple, mango, dog, frog etc.

wooden floor seaters

MyKidsArena supplies the above safe and durable play school furniture like plastic tables, chairs and storage units all over India at best prices. Apart from plastic play school furniture we also supply wooden furniture for play school. To buy or know play school furniture price list, please contact us now.