Play School Tables (plastic)

Play School Tables (plastic) list :

play school plastic table mka-01 bean shaped

mka-01s is a bean shaped plastic table. Its dimensions are 54 inches x 30 inches x 20 inches. The table top is made of plastic and has a framework of metal on the back side. The legs are made of metal. Usually it is available in 4 colors i.e. red, blue, green and yellow. The stock status keeps on changing. So if you are interested in buying play school furniture from MyKidsArena please submit your contact details and we will email you the complete price list

play school plastic table mka-02 rectangle table

mka-02 is a rectangle play school plastic table supplied by It’s dimensions are 48 inches x 24 inches x 20 inches

play school plastic table mka-06 apple table

Apple shaped play school plastic table with metallic framework and legs made of metal. These tables are suitable for play schools. If you are interesting in buying furniture for playschool then please contact us at 9930960380

play school plastic table mka-03 Round table

Image of square play school plastic table of 24 inches. To know the play school plastic furniture pricelist from manufacturer please contact us now at MyKidsArena

mka-04 is a play school plastic table square in shape. The size of play school plastic table is 24 inches x 24 inches.

Above are the images of play school plastic tables supplied by MyKidsArena.

MyKidsArena in India supplies safe, durable and good quality play school plastic tables all over in India.

To get the complete range of playschool furniture with price lists, please contact us now at 9930960380