Wooden play school tables

Wooden play school tables list and images:

MyKidsArena supplies the following wooden play school tables.

play school wooden tables

Wooden furniture for playschools from MyKidsArena includes the above wooden tables which are available in different shapes. The table top and legs of the above play school tables both are made in wood.

There are 5 shapes options available like square, rectangle, semi-circle, round and trapezium

The square and round wooden table for playschools can seat around 4 play schools kids. Please note play school chairs need to be ordered separately from us.

The semi-circle, rectangle and trapezium table can seat 2 children.

The wooden tables for play schools are usually available in 4 colors i.e. red, blue, green and yellow.

To buy or know the play school wooden tables with price lists, please contact us now at 9930960380